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Workshop NDE Testing and Reference Specimen

Date:           September 14, 2015
Location:     BAM - Federal Institut for Materials Research and Testing 
                    Unter den Eichen 87 
                    D-12205 Berlin 
                    Building 01 Room 252 
                    How to get there

Presiding: Hoda Azari (FHWA), Herbert Wiggenhauser (BAM) 

Reference Specimen are indispensable in all areas of NDE, they represent a testing task and can be used in several ways: 

  • Validation of NDE technologies 
  • Benchmark for NDE system and method comparison 
  • Benchmark for NDE system development and improvement 
  • Benchmark for NDE data analysis 
  • NDE Training and Education 
  • Certification of systems and NDE service providers personel 
This workshop is an open invitation to discuss a framework and detailed plan  for the design and construction of reference specimens. Transnational cooperation is essential to establish a widely accepted system of reference specimens. This workshop may provide opportunities for collaboration with NDE technology providers. 

Who should attend? 

  • Researchers
  • Technology Providers
  • Owners and Infrastructure Managers/Decision Makers 
  • Public/Private Organizations
Registration closed


0900 Welcome, Introductions (HA, HW) 
0920 Workshop Objective (HW) 
0940 FHWA Perspective (HA) 
1000 Discussion 
1020 Action Plan: which reference specimens should first be made?
1050 Technical Working Group 
1115 Alliances (committees, researchers, public and private NDE organizations, standardization groups, technology providers) 
1130 Framework and detailed plan for action, final discussion 
1200 BAM NDT-CE Laboratory Visit