Paper Submission

Please take a minute and read the instructions how to register and submit your manuscript. Handling of the mauscript is independent of presentation type (oral or poster)   

1. Symposium Registration

All authors have to register for the symposium: 

Deadline for Presenting Authors: May 31st, 2015

2. Symposium proceedings submission

All authors had to submit their manuscript for the Symposium Proceedings. The submission is now closed.
The layout guideline is available in the download section at the bottom of this page. 

Special issue authors (see below): Submit an extended abstract (three pages)
All others: Submit your full paper in pdf using the paper guidelines (see below)
Deadline for Symposium Proceedings: August 15, 2015

3. Special issue journal papers
Authors, who opted for publication in one of the special issues have to submit their full manuscripts to the respective journal' submission system.

Submission to Special Issues is independent of Presentation type at the symposium.
But don`t forget, that you have to submit an extended abstract as well!

ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems

Deadline: September 1st, 2015

Title of Special Issue: NDT in Civil Engineering
Please be sure to make this entry in the submission process in the box with the question:
 Is this manuscript part of a Special Issue? If yes, please provide the Special Issue editor

Title and names of the guest editors:

Guest editors:          Wiggenhauser, Herbert (lead guest editor)

Abraham, Odile 
Azarai, Hoda 
Dobmann, Gerd
Kruschwitz, Sabine 
Kurz, Jochen 
Niederleithinger, Ernst 
Popovics, John S

Links to ASCE Author information:

ASCE Requirements for Conference Papers

Guidelines for authors submitting papers that are based on conference papers:

ASCE will consider papers published as a conference proceeding only if the following conditions apply:

  • The submitted paper is significantly different—at least 50% new material.
  • The journal article must not have the same title as the conference paper.
  • Text that overlaps should be rewritten where possible to avoid word-for-word chunks of text.
  • The conference paper must be cited.
  • If the conference paper was published by any publisher other than ASCE, and copyright was transferred, the author must obtain permission to reuse tables, figures, and verbatim block quotes exceeding 250 words.
  • Authors must disclose that the submitted manuscript is an expanded version of a conference paper in the submission questions.
  • The author must provide a copy of the conference paper if requested.
  • When authors submit their article for a special issue, they should indicate the name of the special issue (NDT in Civil Engineering) and lead guest editor in their response to the submission questions and in their cover letter.

EAGE Near Surface Geophysics
Deadline: July 31st, 2015
Guest editors: Ernst Niederleithinger, Mike Mooney, Odile Abraham (

You will be contacted by the special issue editors for hints on format and content. Papers for the special issues have to fit to the respective journals guidelines. If at some point it is decided that you paper might not fit to the special issues, you might still submit a full paper for the symposium proceedings.

Links to EAGE NSG Author information:

Homepage, aims and scope:


The name of the file should be: <firstauthor><seq#>.pdf (seq# refers to authors with more than one pape
German authors will be contacted directly.
Ernst Niederleithinger,
Feb 18, 2015, 3:53 AM