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List of exhibitors (alphabetically, to be completed):

3D-Radar, Norway

3D-RADAR, a Norwegian company (part of CHEMRING group, manufactures 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for high resolution sub-surface imaging. Applications include pavement evaluation, bridge deck inspection, utility mapping, archaeology and land mine, UXO & IED detection. The GeoScope 3D GPR combines the step-frequency and ultra-wideband antenna array technologies to provide high-resolution radar imaging of subsurface objects at traffic speed minimizing lane closures.


Research and production company Acoustic Control Systems Ltd. (ACS) was established in 1991. The company develops, manufactures and supplies high-tech products for ultrasonic nondestructive testing of different structural materials. High professionalism and experience of our employees guarantee high quality of our instruments satisfying any sophisticated consumers.

Allied Associates UK/D

Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd. with offices in the UK, Germany and Belgium is providing sales, rental, repair service and training for non-destructive testing equipment, such as GSSI GPR, Proceq Ultrasonic etc.

Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH, D
As an engineering association for non-destructive testing and assemblies we are also specialized in automated cable maintenance and automated corrosion protection.

Amphora NDT, UK

Amphora NDT specialises in the durability of concrete structures and manufactures test instruments and sensors for concrete assessment. The product range is based on leading academic research from UK institutions spanning over 25 years.

Beanair, D

Beanair® is a manufacturer and designer of smart and rugged Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) dedicated to structural health monitoring -SHM-, civil engineering, technical building management, industrial machine monitoring, embedded measurement, energy management solution, isolated sites & process industry. BeanAir® provides wireless sensors for both dynamic measurement (vibration, shock and deformation) as well as static measurement (temperature, humidity, tilt, binary and analog measurement). 

Baars-Cipro, NL
Baars-CIPRO developes and performs high-end subsurface solutions for a wide range of inspections and investigations. With techniques as underwater laserscanning, accurate cable-tracking, standardized wood-testing and underwater x-ray (in progress), the company is a true specialist for underwater research. If common available systems are not meeting clients request, the motivated crew of Baars-CIPRO is able to design and develop new equipment, including the required software, testing and implementation.


BAM, the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, is a leading player in NDT-CE sind more than 25 years. We wil present our latest developments in methodologies, automated devices, embedded ultrasonic and RFID sensors and other technologies at our booth and during the demonstrations. Our Betoscan and LIBS research will be shown at the SECOPTA/SKP booth. 


DGZfP is the host of the 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, from 13 – 17 June 2016 in Munich, with more than 600 lectures, 200 posters and about 200 exhibitors! We invite to take part and meet about 2000 colleagues! For more information about the German Society for NDT and the 19th WCNDT 2016 please visit our booth no. 20.

Fraunhofer IzfP, D
Fraunhofer IZFP offers its customers and research partners the entire range of nondestructive testing technologies, whether it involves basic or applied research. The institute's researchers, engineers and technicians develop solutions to address modern testing applications including feasibility studies, consulting, training and inspection services and creating prototype systems.

Geotechnical Instruments Ltd., D

Manufacturer of special devices and systems for soil mechanical laboratory tests, including mechanics, electronics, control and interpretation software. This includes devices for compressional test, shear test, trixial static test and triaxial dynamic test.

Germann Instruments, DK

Germann Instruments market accurate test systems for concrete and reinforced concrete structures developed  during the past 30 years, including in-place strength, condition assessment, defect detection, corrosion evaluation, service life estimation, repair quality and concrete mixture optimization. World-class workshops in the introduction to modern, advanced nondestructive and other evaluation methods are conducted on a regular basis.

Greenwood Engineering, DK
Greenwood Engineering A/S develops measuring equipment for road and rail infrastructure.
The Traffic Speed Deflectometer is an instrumented truck that measures pavement deflection with Doppler lasers when driving at traffic speed.
Pavement deflection contributes to assessment of the structural condition and is used in pavement maintenance planning.

Hilti, LIE

Hilti offers products, systems and services that have leading-edge technology and provide professional customers in the construction and energy sectors with innovative solutions that feature outstanding added value. Active in more than 120 countries, Hilti not only operates production facilities and R&D centers, but is also involved in various international technology partnerships.

James Instruments, USA

James Instruments Inc. is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive test equipment for concrete and other coarse-grained materials. We supply the instruments that measure and analyse strength, structure corrosion and moisture in concrete.

J.e.t. Systemtechnik, D
Mobile and stationary PC based measurement technologies, test stand automatization, precision amplifiers

MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik, D
We will show our newest thickness measurement device MIT-SCAN-T2 and our dowel bar scanner MIT-SCAN2-BT at our booth No. 6 and demonstrate their capabilities at a full scale test model at NDT-CE. During the outdoor event at BAM’s famous experimental site in Horstwalde you may attend a demonstration of our nondestructive measurement devices in action.

Olson Instruments, USA
Olson Engineering, Inc. specializes in “Imaging the Infrastructure” for assessment, monitoring and repair as well as dam condition assessment. Consulting services include nondestructive evaluation, infrastructure condition assessment and repair, structural health monitoring, geophysical and vibration engineering. Olson Instruments manufactures ultrasonic, sonic and seismic instruments for pavements, foundations and structures as well as seismic tests, and distributes IDS radar systems in the US.

Piletest, IS

Founded more than 19 years ago we specialize in developing pile testing systems for quality control and integrity testing of deep foundations. Our leading test systems include CHUM for SCL logging, PET for sonic echo testing and BIT for borehole inclination measurement  .

Proceq, founded 1954, manufactures high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing of material properties of metal, concrete, rock, paper and composites. Proceq designs and manufactures its products in Switzerland and with its in-house Research and Development team continues to bring products to the market that set new standards for the industry. Proceq is part of Tectus Group.

Secopta GmbH with SKP Engineers, D

SECOPTA produces laser-based solutions for automated material and surface analysis in industrial processes and fast offline analysis for industrial and research laboratories. SECOPTA’s analytical measurement devices FiberLIBS, FiberLIBSlab and MopaLIBS can be used for quality assessment, sorting, 100% part inspection as well as for monitoring and control of material flows and in particular for 2D surface inspections or depth profiling.
The Specht Kalleja + Partner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH with headquarter in Berlin provides complex engineering services for building construction, in particular structural engineering, building physics and planning expertises.In addition, we are able to offer services of both publicly appointed, sworn experts and test engineers for structural analysis.

Sensors & Software, CA

Sensors & Software Inc. is recognized worldwide as the innovation leader in GPR products. The Noggin® is a user-friendly, integrated GPR system for geotechnical and environmental surveys. For professional GPR service providers, the pulseEKKO® PRO offers extended versatility and flexibility.

Technical University Berlin, D
The group of Building Materials and Construction Chemistry is active in the field of materials research and teaching. Since each construction activity is associated with the use of building materials, it results in a very broad field for their applications. Inspired by the interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of building materials and construction chemistry, the foundations of these technologies are achieved through synthetic and analytical works on the molecular to microscopic levels, on which the extension of this approach to macroscopic dimensional building materials is followed. The focus area of this subject includes inorganic and hybrid materials as well as necessary raw materials for their production, e.g. cement, admixtures and chemical additives.

Terratest, D
TERRATEST Berlin is manufacturing Light Weight Deflectometers accredited by ASTM E2835-11 for testing load bearing capacity. The light weight deflectometers are very suitable for testing compaction quality in earthwork and road constructions. TERRATEST is world leader in the development and manufacturing of Light Weight Deflectometers, which is why we offer the worlds first ” TERRATEST 5000 BLU “ with Bluetooth, Android App and voice navigation!