See the newest technical developments at NDT­CE 2015!  

The International Symposium on Non-­Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering NDT­-CE features an exhibition with state of the art, innovative and experimental devices and instrumentation


The exhibition area will be set up in the Peter ­Behrens­ Hall embedded into the poster session and coffee/lunch breaks. Concrete test specimen will be provided for equipment demonstration. Outdoor demonstrations are possible as well.
Exhibitors will also be able to demonstrate their equipment at the BAM test facilities at Horstwalde 50 km south of Berlin during the conference excursion and dinner on Tuesday. Lots of concrete structures are available to demonstrate their products. 

Exhibitors (click for details)

Preliminary list of exhibitors (alphabetically, to be confirmed):
  • 3D-Radar, N
  • ACS Ltd, RU
  • Allied Associates UK/D
  • Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH, D
  • Beanair, D
  • Baars-Cipro, NL
  • BAM, D
  • DGZfP, D (WCNDT 2016)
  • Fraunhofer IzfP, D
  • Geotechnical Instruments Ltd., D
  • Germann, DK
  • Greenwood Engineering, DK
  • Hilti, LIE
  • James Instruments, USA
  • J.e.t. Systemtechnik, D
  • Mala Geoscience, S
  • MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik, D
  • Olson Instruments, USA
  • Piletest, IS
  • Secopta GmbH with SKP Engineers, D
  • Sensors & Software, CA
  • Technical University Berlin, D
  • Terratest, D

Exhibitor Information

The exhibition is sold out! Please contact Ernst Niederleithinger (ernst.niederleithinger@bam.de) for information.

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